Saturday, 18 September 2010

I'm not dead!

I do sincerely apologize for my lack of updates lately, but alas I've been busy getting exams out of the way, as well as a job and moving into university. Ah the life of a student is bliss, and I'm only just in my house XD.

But yeah, there has been inexcuseable laziness here, and thus I do apologize. You can expect some fairely regular updating now, especially since I'm not havint to wake up stupidly early to get on a stupid bikes to go to stupid work to make up more stupid bikes for stupid customers. But yeah, I'm going to focus alot more on the actual writing aspect of writing, and I know this must sound like deja-vu but this time I WILL be keeping this place tidy and more updated.

Regards, the Beard

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