Thursday, 30 December 2010

Obligatory Christmas Post

So it’s that time of year again, and I’d like to apologize for being so late with my updates. After an eight hour long train ride, half of it was made up of actually waiting for the bastard to arrive, I was left with a feel of nothing more than sheer disgust at this country’s inadequacy to cope with snow. I’m sorry but four hours late?! The Fat Controller would not stand for this shite.

Anyways Christmas was good, there’s nothing quite like seeing old friends and family after three months away from home to make you appreciate the life you left behind (and sincerely regret being the only one with working internet in a house where every other person has Facebook). But I still miss Lancaster, and I cannot bloody wait until my return on the 6th of January. I’ve seriously loved having the freedom life as a student gives you, the only restraints being my bank balance, but after getting a job at my local off-licence I should be financially sound for the next semester. Can’t bloody wait.
Anyway my apologies again for the belated Christmas greetings. Work for my course has been something of a priority these last few weeks, and as I said I’ve barely been able to get on my computer thanks to my ‘darling’ brothers and sister. Looking forward to going back up North.

So a Merry Belated Christmas to all my watchers (watching me makes you the single most awesome outfit of people in the world) and a Happy New Year to all.

Regards, the Beard

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