Monday, 14 February 2011

Obligatory Valentine's Day Post

I normally feel pretty angsty around this time of year, but I’ve had the joy of writing and spending unadvised amounts of hours on internet minigames to keep my attention occupied. So I would like to take this as an opportunity to say I wish all my watchers a stonking great Valentine’s Day. It's a day to remind ourselves of how lucky we are to have someone in our lives to call a partner, or alternatively to remind ourselves of the amount of people out there who have the love, but few to share it with (depending on whether you celebrate Valentine's Day or Singles Awareness Day). To all those couples out there, I wish you another year of happiness together, and to all the singles out there, I hope you find that special someone soon. There’s someone out there for everyone , and when you find them, it’ll have made the searching all the more worthwhile.

Right, single cheesiest thing I’ve ever written on this blog. Where’s Iron Maiden when I need them?

Regards, the Beard.

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