Monday, 5 April 2010

A Thing for Gingers?

Well after having watched the first episode of the brand spanking new series of Dr Who I have to say I was mightily impressed. Matt Smith is able to portray the Doctor very well, he has that child-like energy and excitement that we've come to expect from his predeccesor Mr Tennant. Witty, lovable and eccentric, I have only one word for Mr Smith. HIDE! Because as with most things, pre-pubescent teenage girls will spend much of thier early adult years finding out where you live and stalking you to their little heart's content.

The episode itself was pretty decent, with traditional Dr Who-style action and comedy (Fishfingers and custard ftmfw!) and a brilliant introduction for Amelia Pond (which leads me to believe that the Doctor might have a thing for red heads. Anyone?) but in all seriousness, we've had three amazing seasons with David Tennant playing the leading role, perhaps introducing the female character in the first episode was a little too soon. Give us time to adjust to the new face etc. And speaking of changes, the new TARDIS interior looks brilliant, combining modern style and architecture with a bit of good old-fashioned steampunk.

From what I've seen so far I have high hopes for this new series. Naturally I'm going to wait a while before deciding whether I want to pursue writing an episode (Not for funsies, for monies people) but from what I've seen this looks to be a very promising season (I mean, Spitfires in space, what's not to like?). I'd be eager for any other opinions though, or indeed any other form of feedback.

All the Best, The Beard.

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