Thursday, 8 April 2010

No Excuses

Well this is probably the quickest update I've ever made on this blog so far but I was encouraged to vent my feeling after having watched this video:

Now, I'm a gamer, a gamer in the same sense that Gordon Brown is a politian. I suck at playing games of course but I'm still into it and it's my hope to become a games writer at some point in my writing career. But after having watched this I was filled with the gaming equivalent of patriotism, which surprisingly isn't that big in this country for fear of being branded a member of the BNP. But I'm going off topic, so where was I...Ah yes.

Well, the lady with the blonde hair is clearly some kind of Mormon or Jehovah's Witness who sees video games as a mortal sin because apparently they corrupt children. Now, yes, I can say that video games can have this effect, and I say this since as I am a writer I have been frequently inspired in my writings by what I have seen whilst spending a late night playing Rachet and Clank: Tools of Destruction (But saying 'can' doesn't mean 'will', as you should know by now you word-twisting little sod). So I'm not denying the psychological effects games can have on a mind but then again, so do films, movies, even cartoons where impossible feats of violence are accomplished (like in Ed, Edd and Eddy-fuck I love that show). But going back to what was said, how with gaming you become part of the action that is occurring. Well, I sincerely disagree with the belief that this is more damaging than being a spectator to watching a man having his eyeballs removed with a spoon on the end of a pneumatic drill, and not to mention that, with this kind of interaction you only become as involved with the actual violence depending on how good you are or how much you want to be.

But even now I can hear those over-worried concerned mothers weeping and saying 'But our kids will do it anyway' etc whilst their children play with fireworks and matches on the edge of a race-track. Oh cry me a fucking river why don't you? Seriously, I see this unnecessary bitching as being nothing more than crap parents not wanting to face up to their responsibilities as parents in ensuring that their kids don't become serial killers as a result of playing a fictional character gunning down Russian civilians. The games have labels on them, they clearly say that this game is not meant to be bought by anyone under-16 and similar. So if your children are buying such games but are under-age, then you have no-one to blame but yourselves for not being with them during their purchase or for not making yourselves a bigger part of your children's lives. Seriously, stop blaming the games industry, go into your kid's bedroom and drive a sledgehammer into their Xbox 360. And then do the same through your spinal column for being a shit parent, and for good measure. Trust me, you deserve it.

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  1. I agree, games azre just a scapegoat for everything to do with child related violence, little timmy 10, beat down another child to death, he was found to have played violent video games such as viva piniata and banjo kazooie. These games involve beating things for rewards such as candy and honeycombs, coincidence? I think not! It was found out later that he was subject to 5 years of physical and mental abuse by his father. Though this has yet to be proven to be related to why little Timmy did such a thing to another child.