Monday, 7 June 2010

Where's the hoover?

Wow, so much dust here. Its doing my allergies no favours I can tell you.

But anyway the reasons for my long absense have not been immigration, illness, my house attacked by pirates (Seriously how cool would that be?), boarding school, mugging or death (clearly). No, the reason is largely due to the fact that over the past month I've been slaving over a hot text-book for my exams, which has left little time for doing my usual activites that aren't determined by my A-levels (hence why the British elections went the way they did). However, exams are over, a few days after my birthday on the 21st, and this has left me with a shitload of free time when I'm not assisting with gardening or out job hunting (which I've had some success with whilst I'm on the subject). But anyway, this has meant I'm able to finally get on with some decent writing, which I've been doing a shitload of recently. My friends have been supportive of this, especially my friend Sir Dave of Faith (real name Alex), whose experiences with Dan Abnett's Gaunt's Ghosts series has provided me with some ideas not to mention a shitload of inspiration.

Anyways, since I'm getting back into writing I've been working mainly on my main novel, although I've been experimenting with other themes and genres. So in the coming weeks, expect samples based of the following:

-Historical fiction (i.e. a short story to commemorate the soldiers in the BEF at Dunkirk)

-An Urban Fantasy short, where goths are not all they seem...

-A steampunk story inspired by my experience at the London May MCM Expo (that place was fucking ace!)

And anything else I damn well please. So my little munchkins, until next time

The Beard

PS: Do yourselves a favour and follow this link, , this is the song that has kept me going throughout my exams. May it do the same for you.

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